Welcome to TFB, Gibb!

TFB is excited to announce our newest team member Gibb Shelton, Vice President Mortgage Team Leader. Gibb has lived in Warrenton for over 30 years and is bringing 40 years of banking experience to the Bank. Prior to joining our team, Gibb worked for Freddie Mac for the past eight years and previously owned a mortgage company with offices in Haymarket and Warrenton.

Gibb attended the University of Utah as a finance major. His father was the president of a bank, so he did every job in the bank beginning with watering the plants and verifying signatures on checks at the age of 12. His passion for banking evolved into working for the FDIC, OCC, and Freddie Mac.

In his free time, Gibb likes to play guitar and numerous outdoor sports. He has two grown children and three grandchildren.

Gibb has had friendships and business relationships with many at TFB for the past 25 years. According to Gibb, he appreciates “the true community banking style that has existed since the Bank’s inception in 1902. My family was in the community banking business and I so easily can think of TFB as ‘home’ and something I am proud to be a part of.”

“My suggestions for choosing a lender is simple. Use someone you deeply trust. It is a very important transaction to everyone and I make certain to treat each loan transaction and each borrow with that respect. I like to know that the person is in my community and I could go talk to them if needed…,” says Gibb.

Gibb is a true representation of TFB’s values: Teamwork, Relationships, Excellence, Engagement, and Empowerment.