No, your SSN is not suspended.

I received a call yesterday from a phone number listed as being from New York.  It was to my cellphone and they left a voicemail.  It was a recording telling me my Social Security number had been suspended due to possible fraud.  Another TFB Associate received the same type of call today.  The phone number doesn’t matter, it was faked anyway.  Of course it was an attempted scam.  Neither one of us even receives Social Security yet, though she had just changed her name with the Social Security Administration.  You can see why she was a bit concerned though, she had just been in contact with them.

  • The Social Security Administration would not call you, they send letters
  • The scam tries to build up a feeling of urgency
  • The scammer, had we talked to them, would have required us to verify our full SSN and, likely, would have required some sort of “fee” payment to unfreeze our numbers

All well designed scams require three things: speed, greed and details.

Speed: ACT NOW!!!  Winnings expire, your next Social Security payment won’t arrive on time, you missed a court date you didn’t know about and the police are on the way to get you.

Greed: The scammers are greedy or they entice you with “winnings.”  Either way, there is always an aspect of “What’s in it for me?”

Details: Too many details, more than you need for what you are being asked to do.  You are told of a supposed compromise, not to tell others, never tell your banker (they might want a piece of your winnings).  They will even have a convoluted reasoning as to why the payment must be in the form of a gift card.

You think you wouldn’t fall for such a scam?  I was laughing about it yesterday, telling my wife.  Her response was “Did you call them back?  Maybe it was real.”  My wife hears me talk about these scams all the time and was still concerned.  What might your elderly friends, relative or customers think?  They likely depend on the monthly payment.  Please help in spreading the word.