Engagement Gear: A mindset

The Fauquier Bank seeks Excellence through an Engaged and Empowered Team,

building valued Relationships with our Customers and Community.

The foundation of The Fauquier Bank’s new vision are five corporate values:

  • Excellence
  • Engagement
  • Empowerment
  • Teamwork
  • Relationships

Recap: In August, we discussed our corporate value, Excellence. As a community bank, we pride ourselves on our people. They are what make The Fauquier Bank work. TFB Employees, both long-tenured and brand new, come to work with a desire to assist customers and colleagues to the absolute best of their abilities. According to Marc Bogan, president and CEO of The Fauquier Bank, “Achieving Excellence in our jobs begins with an attitude of Excellence and it carries over into everyone’s job performance.”


Our second corporate value is Engagement. Engagement is defined as, “something that engages, the act of being engaged, the state of being in gear, emotional involvement or commitment.”

The Fauquier Bank aims to engage, not only our customers and community, but our employees as well. It is no secret that if employees feel engaged in their work, they are more inclined to remain loyal to and happy with their company. According to the 2014 Employee Recognition Trends Report, “Employees under the age of 25 rate professional development as their number one driver of engagement, and this is the number two priority for workers up to age 35.”Engagement is a cyclical process – an engaged and satisfied employee leads to a satisfied customer. Similar to Excellence, Engagement is a mindset. Marc Bogan refers to this mindset as “Engagement Gear,” which means TFB employees are present, alert, attentive, undistracted, and focused on performing the best customer service for our clients. Bogan says, “If we [the Bank] are Engaged and emotionally invested, involved and committed…we will continue to be given the honor of serving our clients.”

TFB hopes that you can see our two values, Excellence and Engagement, in the jobs we perform every day. We thank you for continuing to give us the honor of serving you in the Fauquier and Prince William Counties.