Airbnb Fraud – The Fauquier Bank Response

TFB has observed quite a few instances of fraud coming through Airbnb, transactions that impact our customers’ accounts through fraudulent debit card charges. This pattern of fraudulent activity has been documented in the media recounting similar fraudulent transactions using the platform Airbnb supports (Allie Conti (2019) “I Accidentally Uncovered a Nationwide Scam on Airbnb” – October 21, 2019) This article also documents Airbnb’s decisions in how to respond to that fraud.

The Fauquier Bank has been placed in the position of needing to block charges coming from Airbnb in order to prevent these fraudulent charges from hitting debit cards for TFB customers.

How could this transaction monitoring impact you and your account? If you want to pay for an Airbnb with your debit card (This does not impact credit card use.), you will need to speak with one of our Customer Care team members to remove the Airbnb transaction block on your card for the time it will take to conduct the Airbnb transactions.  Please be advised that you should contact TFB prior to the Airbnb rental.  This applies only for transactions involving Airbnb and will begin on December 2, 2019.  Payments to Airbnb prior to that date are not impacted.

TFB implements this action in the interest of customer financial security and the current challenges represented by fraudulent Airbnb transactions. The Bank regrets any imposition on TFB customers.   We take seriously the protection of our customers and trust you will understand the need for this process.  If you need to contact our Customer Care Center, please call 800-638-3798.